Biodegradable Packaging

Packaging Made

from Plants:

Healthy for You,

Healthy for the Planet

Recycled, natural, environmentally friendly biodegradable products .

We are very excited to introduce the latest technology in packaging and packaging.

Because we care about the environment and believe that the safety of the environment should be in the priorities of the manufacturer and the consumer, we are determined to provide an integrated production line of various products manufactured from natural materials completely by recycling wheat straw and sugar cane.

These products are decomposed into a useful fertilizer for soil quickly without leaving any harmful effects. Because it is made from 100% natural plant material, it is safe to use and does not produce any toxic or carcinogenic substances. It is characterized by its durability, quality and formability according to various uses, environment friendly and suitable for various foodstuffs.

We appreciate the understanding and awareness of our customers to use these products in order to preserve the resources of the environment and reduce waste .

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